Mirage FA


Mr. Sarpong Okyere Boateng
CEO and Founder

My name is Sarpong Boateng Okyere founder and CEO of Mirage Football Academy.MFA is a football Academy based in Ghanan and give many young players the opportunity and time to develop and give them a chance to reach that potential.

My Passion has always been in football and trying to help young people and players to reach that professional level they’ve always been dreaming off. I started all this because I use to play football when I was a young boy.

I moved from Ghana to Holland(Amsterdam) at the age of 8years. Being in Holland for 4 years as a school boy I use to play for the school team and I was advised by my coach to join a local football club, so at the age of 12 I then took his advice and the first Sunday amateur club that I joined was Fc Amstelland where I played for over 5years. In the period of those 5 years I was seen and invited by these professional clubs:StormvogelsTelstar, FC Volendam, Fc Utrecht for trials but due to being raised up from a strong Christianity home I wasn’t allowed to play in their Saturday league matches by my parents as I was a Seventh Day Adventist so I had to be in church on that day(Saturday).

So I then went back to my Sunday Amateur league where I had no problems playing matches on Sundays. I then had the biggest opportunity once again any player in my playing days and even now would be happy to get. I was seen by this gentleman that had a good relationship with Afc Ajax academy headcoach and took me into Ajax for a 6weeks trial and attended a few training session but wasn’t allowed to play games on a Saturday so I just decided to give up on football until I moved from The Netherlands(Amsterdam) to the United Kingdom(Northampton) to further my education where I joined a semi pro club(NorthamptonSpencerFC).

Coaches and Managers I have worked with and stil have contacts are as follow:

1.Eddie McGoldrick (Former Head coach of Mirage Football Academy) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_McGoldrick

2. Chris Cummins former Watford FC director of youth football and Reading FC development coach


3. Geoff Harrop (Torquay United Head Of Youth)

4. Mike Dove ( Milton Keynes Dons FC U18 coach)

5. Steve Hopcroft ( Westbrom Albion)

6. Suen Parrish (Wolverhampton Wanderers FC)

7. Phil Robinson & Dave Yates (Aston Villa Fc)

Mr. Sarpong Okyere Boateng
CEO and Founder